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Vivek Bindra is a 41 year old Indian business coach and motivational speaker. He is most widely known as a Youtube personality thanks to his popular Youtube channel, Dr Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker where he uploads videos which are meant to be motivating and educational. 

In this article, you will learn about Vivek Bindra income, earnings, salary, early life and other information.


Vivek Bindra Life

Vivek Bindra was born on April 5th, 1978 in New Delhi. He had a very difficult childhood as his father died when Bindra was just two and a half and his mother also got remarried. He completed his graduation from St Xaviers College Delhi in 2001 and then completed his Masters in Business Administration from Amity Business College in Noida. 

He initially started a business but was clueless about how to draw in clients or how to market his business. Upon failing in his business venture, he started reading the Bhagvad Gita on the advice of a friend, which he claimed changed his life for good. 

vivek bindra salary

He soon started researching more about growing business and came up with a lot of solutions and ideas. He started marketing those ideas to people who wanted advice in setting up or growing their businesses. He soon got an office and started marketing his services for mentorship and found a lot of prospective clients. 

At the same time, he opened a Youtube channel where he posted motivational videos in English. Those didn’t work much so he posted case study videos of brands and then motivational content in Hindi as well. That was when his channel took off and people started noticing him, especially in India. Along with Sandeep Maheshwari, Bindra is now one of the best motivational speakers from India.



Vivek Bindra Income

Vivek Bindra income comes from his Youtube channel which is named Dr Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker. As of writing this article, Bindra’s Youtube channel has 9.6 million subscribers. He has the 521st most subscribers amongst all the Youtube channels, according to Social Blade. He also has close to 530 million views on his videos, which makes his channel the 5880th most viewed channel. His channel is the 56th most subscribed channel in India and the 19th most subscribed education based channel overall.

Social Blade estimates earnings from Youtube to be anywhere between 6 thousand dollars to 97 thousand dollars per month and Vivek Bindra income to be between 72 thousand dollars to 1.2 million dollars per year. These values can’t be known for sure as Youtube pricings for different ads are different based on the country of the Youtuber along with the country from which a video is being viewed.

vivek bindra income

Other than Youtube, Vivek Bindra also has a lot of other sources of income. He hosts entrepreneurship seminars, for some of which the audience are charged. He is also a consultant of over 900 companies, big and small, who consult him as a business mentor for their employees. He charges these companies a good amount of money for his consultancy. 

He is also a well-known business coach. He offers entrepreneurship and business-related courses to people which costs anywhere between Rs. 90 thousand to Rs. 1.2 lakhs. A lot of people take these courses and Vivek Bindra earnings are significant from it.

Vivek Bindra net worth is not known publicly as of now and we will update it whenever we get any information on that. It is estimated that Vivek Bindra income per month is around Rs. 15 to 16 lakhs.



Vivek Bindra House and Cars

Vivek Bindra house information is not known but his office is in the famous Okhla Industrial Estate area in New Delhi. 

vivek bindra earnings

Information about Vivek Bindra cars is also not publicly known.

We will update this article with more information as soon as we get to know anything about it.


Vivek Bindra has been very influential in the entrepreneurial scene in India. He has contributed heavily by training thousands of budding entrepreneurs and corporate employees about growing their businesses and how to extract optimal results from themselves in their jobs. 

His contribution has not gone unnoticed. He was awarded Best Leadership Trainer in Asia by Marshall Goldsmith at World HRD Congress. Vivek Bindra was also awarded Best CEO Coach in India by the Times of India and Best Corporate Trainer in India by Maruti Suzuki. His name was included in Brilliant Book of Records and Limca Book of Records for gathering of most HR personnel under one roof, which happened during one of his very popular and sought after seminars.

vivek bindra net worth

Bindra has shown a tremendous character overcoming the childhood trauma of losing his father at such a young age, dealing with his mother’s remarriage and then coming out on top as such a successful inspirational leader and entrepreneur himself. His story is truly worth noting and he is a great inspiration for the youth of the world on how to bounce back from tough situations in life.
We wish him luck in all his ventures in the future.



Vivek Bindra Income 2020 | Earnings | Net Worth
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Vivek Bindra Income 2020 | Earnings | Net Worth
He is also a well-known business coach. He offers entrepreneurship and business-related courses to people which costs anywhere between Rs. 90 thousand to Rs. 1.2 lakhs. A lot of people take these courses and Vivek Bindra earnings are significant from it.
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