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The Bollywood industry has some of the most talented people of the nation working in it. However, not many happen to be an all-rounder in the true sense when it comes to the Bollywood industry.

But today we would be discussing someone who has not only been in various roles but have also been one of the most promising in each and every field that he has ever laid his hands on.

Vikas Gupta Income

From being one of the promising producers to being one of the most well-known reality show contestants he has had it all. Today, we are going to discuss one such personality who has had awarded the industry with perfectly everything that one can possibly think of.


Today, we are going to discuss Vikas Gupta earnings, his salary, income and much more.

Vikas Gupta Life

Vikas Gupta, right from his early days has been one of the most talented people that the industry has had.  He has been an actor, a producer, been part of reality shows. Also, he has not shied from penning down the script for various serials in the industry.

Although he has been a part of the industry for quite some time, the one that made him a household name is his stink in Bigg Boss 11, which happens to be one of the most viewed shows on the television.Vikas Gupta Earnings

Also, it seems that Vikas Gupta income has gone uphill ever since his stint in one of the highest-rated Bigg Boss seasons of all time. This would have not been possible if he has not been as talented as he is.

Apart from earning his name as one of the most promising actors in the days to come he also established himself as an intelligent contestant to have ever been a part of the show.

Vikas Gupta Educational Life

Vikas Gupta was born in the year 1988. He hails from Dehradun. He spent most of his childhood in Uttarakhand, India. Vikas also has three more siblings, namely Siddharth Gupta, Watan Gupta and Komal Gupta. Gupta completed his college from Rai University, Ahmedabad.


Vikas Gupta Career

The talented star of the industry started his career under the shadow of Bhimsain Khurana. Khurana happens to be one of the well-known directors in the industry back in those days. This marked the first Vikas Gupta income.

Vikas Gupta networth

After having his initial days with the well-known director, Vikas Gupta shifted from this company to try his luck in Balaji Telefilms. However, it is rumoured that after the initial few days, he was fired from the post due to unknown reasons.

But, as they say, talent is never wasted, soon he was called back by the company. This time the Ekta Kapoor company was offering him with the role of Creative Head. This was a real booster for Vikas Gupta salary.

In Balaji, he had been a part of various television series. Still, one that really stands out is Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. This serial was one of the best ones when it came to the TRP. This further helped increase Vikas Gupta salary. Also, Mahabharata which was produced by the Ekta Kapoor owned franchise happened to be a series that the star had worked on.

Vikas Gupta Salary

After having successfully pulled off so many projects, Vikas now wanted to start on with his own franchise. This further led to the boost of the net worth of Vikas Gupta. Vikas Gupta owned Lost Boy Productions has produced quite a few well-known series. Some of them are Gumrah: End of InnocenceWarrior HighKaisi Yeh Yaariaan and many more.


After being a notable star in all the above-stated fields, Vikas Gupta finally vouched for the popular Bigg Boss 11 show, which helped him garner more fame. It is rumoured that Vikas Gupta salary was one of the highest in the show.

Vikas Gupta Income

Being a part of so many projects, surely Vikas Gupta income has reached new heights. Also, his stint in Balaji Telefilm might have helped him reach higher levels in life. Nevertheless, most of his income is because of the immense talent that he has always had!

Vikas Gupta House

After having what one can surely call as one of the most successful Big Boss journeys, the talented individual has been called on for various other projects. These projects include the likes of Ace of Space. All these projects helped him ear quite a lot. So we can safely assume that the net worth of Vikas Gupta has reached new heights in the last few years.

According to various online sources, Vikas Gupta net worth is expected to be around Rs 5-8 crore. While he has a weekly salary of approx 6.5 lakhs on a weekly basis.

Vikas Gupta Girlfriend

Vikas Gupta Girlfriend

Vikas has been time and again termed as a bisexual. Also, the issue was raised in the Bigg Boss house, which led to the mass publicity of the same. The actor is rumoured to have been in a relationship with Parth Samanth and also with Priyank Sharma. However, the authenticity of both is yet to be verified, but this had no effect on Vikas Gupta earnings.

Vikas Gupta Cars and House

Gupta owns a Marcedes CLA which happens to be a 35 lakhs car. Vikas Gupta House is a 3BHK apartment in Mumbai which might be one of the costliest assets that would add on to the networth of Vikas Gupta.


Networth of Vikas Gupta

Having talents is one thing, but knowing how to execute it to the fullest is what makes you stand out among the crowd. Vikas Gupta is just one of those who happen to have been able to set an example for many. Apart from being a person with immense talent, he has also been able to showcase his talent to the fullest.

After his stint in the Bigg Boss 11, he has once again been called back in Bigg Boss 13. He also possibly became the first contestant in the Indian version of Bigg Boss to have entered the house in two different seasons as a contestant.

We hope that in the years to come, Vikas Gupta earnings would rise and he would have the best days possible.



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