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Gaurav Chaudhary is a 28 year old Indian Youtuber, researcher and security expert. He shot to fame by making videos on tech products and is very well known for his popular Youtube channel, “Technical Guruji”.

In this article, you will learn about Technical Guruji income, earnings, salary, early life and other information.


Technical Guruji Life

Gaurav Chaudhury was born on May 7th, 1991 in the city of Ajmer in Rajasthan state of India. He has an elder brother and two sisters. One of his sisters is a teacher while another is a police inspector. Chaudhury went to the Kendriya Vidyalaya for schooling and pursued a Bachelors in Technology degree from Rajasthan Technological University where he was one of the toppers. He then pursued a Masters in Technology degree from the Dubai campus of Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani college in microelectronics. 

technical guruji income

His family had a business of CCTV cameras and security equipment in Rajasthan. His father’s untimely accident which led to a coma put a lot of responsibilities on him. He was inspired by the channel “Sharmaji Technical” to start a Youtube channel of his own in 2015. But instead of reviewing products, he started to explain technical things to his viewers which got him a lot of views and his subscriber count increased rapidly and in four years he has over 14 million subscribers. He also started a personal channel to post videos from his travel or fan fests around the world. 

He is currently pursuing Nano Science research in Dubai. He is also a Dubai Police certified security expert. Chaudhary manages a family business as well and considers Youtube as his secondary profession. He is very fascinated by the hardware aspect of different products which is what he focuses most of his reviews about. He has also collaborated with many channels be it other technical channels or even tried his hand at comedy or fashion by collaborating with other channels from his personal channel. 


Technical Guruji Income


Gaurav Chaudhary has two channels on Youtube. One is for his technical videos and another for his personal videos. Given below are his earning estimates from both the channels.

Technical Guruji income mostly comes from his Youtube channel which is named “Technical Guruji”. As of writing this article, Chaudhary’s Youtube channel has 14.2 million subscribers. He has the 245th most subscribers amongst all the Youtube channels, according to Social Blade. He also has close to 1.44 billion views on his videos, which makes his channel the 1760th most viewed channel. His channel is the 34th most subscribed channel in India and the 3rd most subscribed technology based channel overall.

technical guruji earnings

Social Blade estimates earnings from Youtube to be anywhere between 15 thousand dollars to 245 thousand dollars per month and Technical Guruji income to be between 184 thousand dollars to 2.9 million dollars per year. These values can’t be known for sure as Youtube pricings for different ads are different based on the country of the Youtuber along with the country from which a video is being viewed.


As of writing this article, Chaudhury’s personal Youtube channel has 2.59 million subscribers. He has 102 million views on the videos on that channel. That makes his personal channel 4281st most subscribed channel on Youtube and the 457th most subscribed channel in India. Social Blade estimates the earnings from Youtube to be anywhere between 886 dollars to 14 thousand dollars in a month and 10 thousand dollars to 170 thousand dollars per year. 

Other than this, Technical Guruji earnings also include a number of promotional content he makes for different tech companies to feature their products. While Technical Guruji net worth is not known, it is reported that he earns Rs 9-10 lakhs per month from both his channels on Youtube. 


Technical Guruji House and Cars

Technical Guruji house is in Dubai but its exact location is not publicly known. His family also have a residence in Ajmer.


technical guruji house

Technical Guruji cars include a Suzuki Hayabusa which cost Rs. 14 lakhs, a Mercedes Benz which costs Rs. 65 lakhs, a Porsche Panamera which costs around Rs. 1.8 crores, and an Audi A6 which costs Rs. 50 lakhs. 



Gaurav Chaudhary has changed the culture of Youtubing and technical knowledge in India. By making his videos in Hindi, he has reached out to a wider audience in India who otherwise would not have understood many of the things if they were spoken in English like it is on most technical videos in Youtube since they are not all made in India. 

technical guruji salary

He has encouraged more people to join Youtube and earn money from here as a primary source of income. He has also increased awareness about technological products and their concepts, especially hardware related queries among the Indian youth and more and more youth are taking interest in these subjects. We wish him luck for all his endeavours in future.




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