Stocks to look out for in the Bear Market in 2020


Now is the time to buy stocks to get a fruitful return (yeah, yeah we all know the world is trying to fight the virus, and the markets are doing bad) The pandemic is causing the drops in the prices of stocks and hitting the economy severely so how is it a great time to buy stocks you ask? Well, this is when the markets entered the bear market stage as the prices of the securities dropped to a large extent.

Market crash

If you think about it, you can buy the stocks at a lower price now so that, when the pandemic ends, you might reap good returns. Some organizations have to operate during a pandemic to help us survive. Many countries are under a lockdown, which means people have to work from home or engage themselves in activities to keep them from getting bored, some markets operate and supply the necessary products to us.

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So, there is a high demand for such companies, and they do well in bear markets. Ergo the ‘now is the time to buy stocks’! Well then, what are some of the best stocks to buy in the bear market? Let’s check out more on them here.


“Watch more Netflix and avoid people.” It perfectly fits the scenario we all are in. The governments are notifying people to stay at home. Hence, due to boredom, many opt to watch movies or series on this top website. The streaming rate is more than usual, and if the lockdown continues, Netflix will continue to be the option for most of them. So, this is when you have to act smart and buy the stocks.

Netflix markets are doing great because people are not able to watch live matches, and this turns out to be the best possible option out there for everyone as well as for you. The shares are doing great in the market and are above par than other shares that make it the best buy presently.

In the coming days, if the outbreak continues, this will continue to do better in the markets too. For over a decade, Netflix’s’ stocks have been the best in the markets. So, you can vouch on it and buy its stocks right away. They have been consistent throughout in the past years, which makes it the best stocks to buy in 2020.

Netflix stocks


Amazon is considered a safe abode for investors as people are switching to online methods due to the outbreak. Without being able to move out of their houses, online ordering of essentials is becoming essential. Amazon is an ocean full of commodities, and the delivery services are exceptional. It is the only lifesaver for people right now.

Amazon Prime is a prime need for people to get past each day of the lockdown. Online services are the only go-to. Hence, there might be an apparent increase in the traffic if the outbreak continues for a long time. Now would be the right time to buy Amazon stocks, and it will positively yield good returns in the future.

Amazon bear market

The cloud-based Amazon Web Services is utilized by companies or the apps that are presently being used by people working at home. Amazon will continue to be the best in the markets, and the stocks are doing just fine during this pandemic. It is a good investment. There will be a rise in the revenue more than the expected figure this year.

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson&Johnson is always at the top when it comes to pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumer products. It is acknowledged as the most valuable company in the world. Due to the pandemic, there is an increase in the number of products like hand sanitizers, surgical masks, and medical devices that need to be equipped in the quarantine centers.

Johnson&Johnson have been consistent throughout their earnings. It is the only company out of the very few to beget a rating of triple-A, having been regularly doing their best and having the ability to do their best in a situation where the world is about to tumble. In the past two decades, they have performed exceptionally and continued to do the same, even in this situation. They are highly stable, making it a safer option to buy its stocks.


So, the increase in the demand will stay as long as this outbreak continues. The company is also known for standing tall even during times like these, which makes it more reliable. Also, the best stocks to buy in the bear market. It is one of the best buys right now and in the coming months of 2020. Johnson&Johnson has never ceased to perform even during the worst of times in all its 134 years.

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Teladoc stocks

This virtual healthcare company offers the best online medical services. Now that more people are getting infected due to the virus and restricted from gathering in public, people with slight infections would turn to online services and figure out if they are infected with the virus or not. You can figure out the number of people daily turning to their service.

It has already reached a new level in the traffic lately and might increase in the new future if the virus continues to stay. Due to this, the shares have escalated quickly in no time. And the increase in the number of patients by more than half in a single month is believed to be the best stocks to buy in 2020.

It is said that the demand will more likely increase in the coming days as patients want to know more about the virus and its possible effects. Seeking help from virtual doctors can be seen as the best option right now, which makes it the best stock to buy right now.


Medtronics, a medical device company, ranked as the world’s largest medical device company by revenue. We witnessed a sudden rise in the number of infected people with the disease. So, they need to equip the quarantine centers with ventilators. This would save the lives of hundreds of people in an area.

Medtronics are providing the best devices that are the need of the hour right now. Since the situation doesn’t seem to stop in a short time, the need for medical devices will be high. It has met the debt obligations and is rated as A-1 making it more reliable and the best stocks to choose from in the markets.

The company has been doing well from the beginning and has no debts on its list. It stands in the top best stocks to buy this year, and without any doubt, you can buy it to get good returns in the coming days.

Medtronic Stocks


To sum up, we have seen that these organizations are the call for in such critical situations.  In a time where the economy is drastically falling, these companies have to function no matter what. With the number of positive cases increasing day by day, the organizations have to work double the regular days. Thus reaching out to everyone to help save them.

There may be more customers than usual for the next few months. During this time, you can buy the stocks of these companies as they will positively grow in the markets in the following months. It will undoubtedly be a good investment decision during this time. Bear markets do come as a boon to investors due to such instances. Having a share in such top companies can be overwhelming too.

All these companies have done well in the past. And they have never ceased to do well even during such a crisis. That gives you better reliability, and you will not lose your money instead only get fruitful results in the future even if the pandemic ends as these will never stop to be away from the public and will always remain the most essential services during all occurrences.



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