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Nitin Gadkari is one of the prominent leaders in the nation today. According to a few polls conducted, he is also one of the most popular leaders in the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Mr Gadkari is presently in charge of the Ministry for Shipping and Water Resources, Road Transport & Highways, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation in the Government of India. Here, we would be talking about Nitin Gadkari Income, his salary, early life, and also assets and net worth distributions.


Nitin Gadkari House


Nitin Gadkari Early Life

Mr Nitin Gadkari was born in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Since the very early days of his life, he had been attached with the various right-wing organisations of the nation. Since his teen years, Nitin Gadkari has been associated with the Bharatiya Yuva Morcha. Apart from that, he was also a member of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad.

Nitin Gadkari Early Days

Although Nitin Gadkari earnings from these posts were almost nothing, he staunchly believes that politics is more of social work than anything else.

Mr Gadkari, after his initial stint as a student leader in the Nagpur University, was not in the mood of joining politics, however, due to the present political scenario in the nation, he decided otherwise. He became a Maharashtra of the Legislative Council in 1989.

Nitin Gadkari Salary

In the year 2009, Nitin Gadkari became the Nation Bharatiya Janata Party president earning himself the feat of being the youngest person ever to do so. Once elected in the role of national president, Mr Gadkari received commendable recognition across the nation.

Nitin Gadkari Cars

Nitin Gadkari news has been popular since then. He also has given enough reasons to have the top-notch media houses started covering Nitin Gadkari News. Mr Gadkari got a role in the cabinet, after the historic win of the Bharatiya Janata Party in 2014. Since then, he has since then been one of the most talked about ministers in the cabinet.


Nitin Gadkari Family:

Nitin Gadkari Family

Nitin Gadkari is the father of three kids, 2 sons and a daughter. In the year 1984, Mr Gadkari got married to Smt. Kanchan Gadkari and has ever since have had a happy life with her.


Nitin Gadkari Income And Networth

According to the election affidavit filed by Nitin Gadkari ahead of the 2019 elections, the union minister has reported a 140% increase in income from the election affidavit submitted by him 5 years ago for the then Union elections.

Nitin Gadkari Car

According to the latest election affidavit, Nitin Gadkari income is somewhere around 6.4 lakhs as in 2017-18. This happens to be about 2.7 lakhs more than the last affidavit filed by him five years back. However, critics raise the talks about Nitin Gadkari networth mainly because of the income that is filed by his wife. Nitin Gadkari wife income has seen a ten-fold rise to about Rs 40 lakh from Rs 4.6 lakhs that she did report five years back.

Nitin Gadkari Net worth

Nitin Gadkari assets have also seen a rise of 10% from the last affidavit at Rs 6.9 crore (including inherited properties). But in the same time span, Nitin Gadkari wife assets have risen by 127%, again raising questions. Kanchan Gadkari has reported an asset valuation of Rs 7.3 crores.

While one can notice a rise in all aspects of Nitin Gadkari Earnings, there has been a significant drop in the bank values and investments. The Union Minister’s bank deposits shrunk by a whopping 57%. The values of his investment in various market instruments have declined by 78% to just Rs 3.55 lakhs.

Nitin Gadkari Wife

Nitin Gadkari earnings are also well distributed in the forms of business investments. Mr Gadakari has 14.8lakh rupee in the form of investments. The political leader also has loans which together adds up to Rs 1.57 crores.

Net Worth of Nitin Gadkari

The salary of the MPs was doubled last year and is now Rs 1 lakh per month. His yearly salary is somewhere around Rs 12 lakhs per year as per the last amendment.


Nitin Gadkari House And Car

Nitin Gadkari house, as per the affidavit submitted, still happens to be a residential flat in Worli. This is also the only property that he has to his name. However, his wife, Kanchan Gadkari has reported three properties. These include an agriculture land of Rs 88 lakhs and the two other properties. The three together have a total value of Rs 4.4 crore.

Nitin Gadkari Cars
Nitin Gadkari cars include an Ambassador which is estimated a worth of Rs 10,000. Apart from that, he has also reported a Honda worth Rs 20 lakhs.


Future Ahead

Nitin Gadkari Constituency

The future of the politician depends heavily on the results of the Union election 2019. Like the previous year, Nitin Gadkari is again expected to contest from Nagpur constituency. However, when it comes to networth of Nitin Gadkari, we expect it to rise in the years ahead. The only reason behind such a prediction is the high acumen of business intellect that he holds with himself.



Nitin Gadkari House

Keeping all aspects of Nitin Gadkari income and earnings, his networth stands at around Rs 13.7 crores, where his asset valuation is Rs 15.37 crore and liabilities is Rs 1.9 crore. The minister has been one of the most popular faces of the government in the last few years. Although his wife’s income might raise a few eyebrows, the minister’s rise in the assets and earnings seems completely normal. This thrusts him as one of the most corruption-free leaders in the nation.


Nitin Gadkari Income 2020 | Networth | Salary
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Nitin Gadkari Income 2020 | Networth | Salary
Nitin Gadkari assets have also seen a rise of 10% from the last affidavit at Rs 6.9 crore (including inherited properties). But in the same time span, Nitin Gadkari wife assets have risen by 127%, again raising questions. Kanchan Gadkari has reported an asset valuation of Rs 7.3 crores.
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