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For long people have been saying that if you follow your passion, you will achieve great heights in that. However, not many have been able to turn this on in their lives. Today we would be talking about one of those people who took on to a very unique way of life, after having gone through the road most travelled by. This internet sensation is possibly the most loved and most popular biker in the nation.

He has over the years earned the fame of being one of the most recommended travel vloggers as well. Those hints might have enough for one to guess that we are talking about none other than Mumbiker Nikhil. The biker has almost certainly taken everyone by the awe with his skills with the bike and also his love for travelling. Here, we would be discussing about Mumbiker Nikhil income, earnings, salary and much more.

Mumbiker Nikhil Earnings 2020: 2 Million Dollars

Mumbiker Nikhil Career

Mumbiker Nikhil Youtube

Nikhil was born in the year 1991. He belongs from a well to do family. His father, Anil Kumar Sharma owns a business of motion picture theatre. As a kid, the youtube sensation was quite interested in movies and loved acting. However, that did not stop him from continuing his academic life. Nikhil commenced his bachelor’s degree from Rizvi Institute of Studies and Research in Mumbai. For some unknown reasons, Nikhil did not complete the same.

After the initial study days, in the year 2007, Nikhil got a chance to work for Qatar Airways, as a flight attendant. he lived in Doha, Qatar for more than 6 years. This helped Mumbiker Nikhil earnings grow to an extent where he started thinking about returning home. He finally returned back to India to lead his childhood fantasy of acting. He tried his luck in quite a few places, but couldn’t leave his mark.

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However, everything changed after Nikhil lost his father in the year 2012. After that, Nikhil started looking after his fathers business and started taking the family business forward. This marks the beginning of Mumbiker Nikhil income from the family business. Nikhil started his youtube channel in the year 2013, long before the internet boom in India.

Mumbiker Nikhil Family

Mumbiker Nikhil Family

Mumbiker Nikhil family consists of his mother and young sister. He is yet not married and thus happens to be one of the most eligible bachelors for many! His sister works in Red Chillies Entertainment as a graphic designer. This also goes in line with the family tradition of the Bollywood industry.

Mumbiker Nikhil Girl Friend

Mumbiker Nikhil Girl Friend

Many are really excited to know about Mumbiker Nikhil girlfriend. Although both of them have profusely refused the claim, but Mubiker Nikhil and Shanice Shreshtha are often regarded as couples. Also, in one of his videos, Mumbiker Nikhil disclosed that he has had 7 girlfriends in the past and all of them have been Indian.

Mumbiker Nikhil YouTube Channel

Mumbiker Nikhil income

After having started off in the year 2013, Mumbiker Nikhil earnings from the channel happened to be almost zero. The main reason behind the same would have been the less use of the internet and the lower popularity of YouTube in India. However, after 4 years of dedicated and tireless work, with the boom in the internet industry of the nation, Mumbiker Nikhil income and subscribers started seeing new heights.

At the time of writing this article, Mumbiker Nikhil has around 2.96 Million followers which he has gathered from more than a 1000 video uploads, 1008 to be precise. With over 635,720,000 video views till date, Mumbiker Nikhil salary from youtube has been something to cherish about.

Mumbiker Nikhil Networth

Mumbiker Nikhil earnings

In the short period of time that Nikhil has been earning, he has been able to make quite an impact of the same on his income. To start with, his income started from his first job which is a major boost to Mumbiker Nikhil salary. However, this was not the real push to the networth of Mumbiker Nikhil. The real push came in the form of his Youtube channel. apart from the income from Youtube, the Youtuber also gets a chance to promote various products online which helps him earn a major chunk of Mumbiker Nikhil income from these sources. Also, last but not least, his father’s business to helps him earn quite a bit from himself.

Mumbiker Nikhil House And Bikes

Mumbiker Nikhil bikes

Nikhil, along with his family stays in Powai, Mumbai. He has been staying here with his parents, right from the early days of his life. Also, as the name suggests, Mumbiker Nikhil bikes are something that is of special attraction to one and all. Nikhil owns Tiger Triumph XCA, KTM 390, Bajaj Eliminator and Honda Activa ikes. When it comes to cars, the YouTuber has a dashing Maruti Suzuki Swift 2008 Vki.


Mumbiker Nikhil girlfriend

With the Indian internet industry growing every passing day. It seems that the YouTubers are here to stay and when it comes to someone delivering knowledge, it is good to have the internet around. Such is the case with Nikhil. He has been one of the outstanding content providers to young minds. We hope to see him in the future with many more informative and exciting videos. We also hope that he goes on to be one of the best Youtuber that the world has seen.


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