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Mukesh Ambani is a 62 year old Indian businessman, engineer, chairman and managing director. He is the largest shareholder of Reliance Industries and is one of the richest people in the world.

In this article, you will learn about Mukesh Ambani income, earnings, salary, early life and other information.


Mukesh Ambani Life


Mukesh Ambani was born to Indian entrepreneur Dhirubhai Ambani and Kokilaben Ambani on 19th April 1957 in Aden, Yemen. He has a younger brother and two sisters. He attended Hill Grange High School and later the Institute of Chemical Technology for a BE degree in Chemical Engineering. 

He dropped out of Stanford where he was pursuing his MBA to help his father with his business in 1981, due to Reliance suddenly getting involved in a lot of things like oil, petrochemicals, telecommunications, retail etc. He married Nita Ambani in 1985 and they have a daughter and two sons. 

mukesh ambani net worth

Ambani’s Reliance Industries account for 8% of all Indian exports, is the most profitable company in the country and is second in value. The company also generates 5% of Government of India’s revenue from customs and excise duty and pays the most income tax in the private sector.


Mukesh Ambani Income


Mukesh Ambani income is the highest in India as he is the richest Indian alive. His income is mostly from his 52% stake in Reliance Industries. Reliance Industries is involved in a lot of sectors which shows how diverse Mukesh Ambani earnings are. 

Ambani owns the Mumbai Indians team in the IPL through Reliance which he bought in 2008 for over $111 million. He and his wife also own the Indian Super League, a football league started in 2014 which became the top tier football competition in India. 


Ambani also owns Reliance Retail which operates all the Reliance Fresh stores in India. Reliance Fresh is the largest brick and mortar grocery supply chain in India and is expanding to online retailing as well. Ambani’s Jio network signed 280 million Indians within a year of launching in 2016 by providing virtually free smartphones, dirt cheap data and free calling. 

mukesh ambani earnings

Mukesh Ambani net worth is currently over 50 billion dollars. Forbes lists him as No. 13 in its World’s Richest List in 2019, although a more recent study by Hurun Global Rich List places him at No. 10. He is the highest ranked Asian and Indian in that list as well.


Mukesh Ambani House and Cars


Mukesh Ambani houses includes the gigantic Antilia in the heart of Mumbai which is one of the costliest residences in the world with a value of over 1 billion dollars. Located in the Malabar Hills area in Mumbai, this 27 storey house covers a 400,000 square kilometre area. 

The house has 3 helipads, 9 high speed elevators, a 50 person movie theatre, parking space for 160 cars spread out in 7 floors, dance studio, yoga studio, spa. Each floor has its own unique design and the entire house has over 600 staff members. 

Mukesh Ambani cars include a custom designed Mercedes Mayfair 62, like shown in spy movies worth Rs. 5.15 crores, a Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe worth Rs. 7.6 crores, an armoured BMW 760 Li worth Rs. 8.50 crores, a Mercedes Benz Maybach S660 Guard worth Rs. 10.50 crores, a Bentley Continental Flying Spur worth Rs. 3.7 crores, a Bentley Bentayga worth Rs. 3.85 crores, a Rolls Royce Phantom worth Rs. 4 crores and an Aston Martin Rapide worth Rs. 3.88 crores.

mukesh ambani income

He owns a Falcon 900 EX which is worth 43.3 million dollars as a private aircraft with all luxurious facilities. He also owns a Boeing Business Jet 2 with an in built conference room for business meetings which cost him 73 million dollars. In 2007, he gifted his wife an Airbus A319 for her birthday worth 60 million dollars with a capacity of 180 passengers and custom built facilities. 

His luxury yacht, custom built with solar roofs and piano bars is estimated to cost over Rs. 200 crores.




Mukesh Ambani has built upon the empire left to him by his father, unlike his brother who has lost almost all of his inheritance, due to mispending it. Ambani and his wife are also the top philanthropists in India as of 2018. They spent around Rs. 450 crores in philanthropic purposes from 2017-18, and have been doing so under the Reliance Foundation charity. 

mukesh ambani salary

Reliance Foundation charity not only helps in education but has also helped with arts, farming, health, urban renewal and sports. The foundation has adopted many villages to revamp them, supported many clinics and hospitals and opened grass roots level sporting academies.

Ambani’s net worth saw a jump of over 25%, over 10 billion dollars from last year and with the amount of subscriber base that Jio has. Ambani will also open a world class institute for education and research titled Jio Institute, which was given Institution of Emeritus status by the Government of India in 2018. Ambani will reportedly invest Rs. 1500 crores in the institute over the next two years, which will open in Navi Mumbai.





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