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Kunal Bahl is a 39 year old Indian entrepreneur and investor. He is most widely known to be the co founder of the Indian e-commerce company Snapdeal along with his friend Rohit Bansal. 

In this article, you will learn about Kunal Bahl income, earnings, salary, early life and other information.

Kunal Bahl Life


Kunal Bahl was born on January 1st, 1980 in New Delhi in India. He studied in Delhi Public School R. K. Puram in New Delhi for his initial education. He then applied for admission to the University of Pennsylvania and got it. He received two Bachelor’s degrees in Manufacturing Engineering and Marketing and Operations Study from the School of Engineering and Applied Science and The Wharton School. He then finished an executive marketing program from the Kellogg School of Management.

Bahl started a detergent company and sold his products in Walmart, after which he joined Microsoft for a while and returned to India in 2008. 

Bahl’s father worked in a coal mine at first and then started his own business. He worked hard for both his sons. Kunal’s brother Nikhil joined IIT Delhi and his parents expected him to do the same as well, except that he didn’t clear the IIT – JEE main exam. He went to work at the manufacturing company of a friend of his father’s when he was eighteen for a meager wage.

kunal bahl net worth

In 2008, after coming back from the US, Kunal called his friend Bansal who was then about to leave for the US to stay back and start something together. Bansal did and together they started a coupon aggregating company, the small success of which led them to form Snapdeal in 2010. 

Bahl is married to Yashna Bahl who runs her own confectionary business and which is how they met and bonded over their love for food.



Kunal Bahl Income


Kunal Bahl income is mostly from his stake in Snapdeal and the salary he takes from the company as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. The co-founder of the company made a salary of Rs. 46.5 crores in the year of 2015, making him the top-paid CEO in the country. 

Kunal Bahl earnings also come from the shares he owns of Snapdeal which is believed to be around 6.5% along with Rohit Bansal. His stake in Snapdeal was worth over 30 million dollars at one point.

kunal bahl income

Snapdeal was once worth 6.5 billion dollars and one of the top players of the Indian e commerce market. It then suddenly plumetted to 1 billion dollars and was supposed to be sold to Flipkart, the biggest e commerce in India. The sale didn’t go through and Snapdeal was faced with a financial crisis. Snapdeal let go of a lot of employees and had to restructure completely after which it started cutting losses and generating more revenue. It is in talks to acquire Shopclues soon.

Kunal Bahl net worth is currently around 20 to 25 million dollars.




Kunal Bahl House and Cars

The details about Kunal Bahl houses are not public at the moment except that he lives in Bangalore.

Information about Kunal Bahl cars is also not publicly known.

kunal bahl salary

We will update this article with more information as soon as we get to know anything about it.


Kunal Bahl is a source of inspiration for so many of the youth wanting to pursue their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. He learnt important lessons from not pursuing what his family wanted him to and instead pursued his dreams. He is very witty and used the coupon book strategy he saw in the US and implemented it in India to some success, after which he formed Snapdeal.

He is also an example of tremendous leadership skills and resilience. Snapdeal was posting losses of over Rs. 4000 crores a year when it was rumored to be about to be sold to Flipkart. Bahl along with his partner turned over the company by selling their non performing assets like Freecharge and Vulcan Express for much less than what they bought it for. 

Bahl unfortunately cut off employees and automated some work and restructured the entire company hierarchy calling it “Snapdeal 2.0” after which they turned around the company and cut off their losses from over Rs. 4000 crores to around Rs. 600 crores in the 2017-18 to around Rs. 130 crores in 2018-19. That’s a 70% decrease in losses while also making a 70% increase in revenue to almost Rs. 1000 crores. 

kunal bahl earnings

Kunal Bahl has got many accolades including the BMA Entrepreneur of the Year in 2014, Nasscom Next Gen Entrepreneur 2014 and ET Top 50 Entrepreneurs of India in 2014. His guidance is what has taken Snapdeal to great heights and we wish him all the luck for his future with the company.




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