How To Save Yourself From Falling Victim To Online Frauds?


There are various kinds of cybercrimes, and online frauds are the most common ones. According to the federal police reports, cybercrime costs the global economy $ 600 billion, which ranges from small scams and spam emails to hacking multinationals company’s servers. Consumers and businesses both have a risk of online fraud, and it is essential to take necessary precautions so that these scams can be avoided easily. It is crucial to follow specific rules and precautions to prevent these frauds.

Online Frauds

Types Of Online Frauds

There are various kinds of online frauds like automotive frauds, charity frauds, internet ticket fraud, gift card fraud and social media frauds. In automotive scams the fraudster posts advertisement of a car at meagre costs and when the buyer contacts them, then they give false information about the vehicle been located overseas, and they ask for account transfers. Once the transfer is completed, they initiate the fake shipment process, which makes it look legitimate.

Many people even organize charities for disaster reliefs, epidemics and terrorist attacks. This money does not support any charities; in reality, it becomes an illegal income of fraudsters. Many e-ticket and gift card frauds claim to provide tickets and gift cards at a reasonable cost. This is a widespread online fraud that many people face, and this has also happened during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Ways To Prevent Online Frauds

Online Frauds

1. Beware Of Your Privacy Settings

It is essential to be aware of your privacy settings. If one can adequately control the privacy settings, then the individual can face huge problems as anyone can view their personal information and misuse it. Hence, it is essential to maintain privacy so that no one can have unwanted access to your private information.

2. Have A Reliable Computer Antivirus

It is essential to have a reliable antivirus so that the computer stays safe from malware and virus. All cyber safety experts advise having an antivirus which ensures that their devices are safe from virus and malware. One of the biggest problems that people face is a virus; some viruses can be so dangerous that they can even extract the personal information of an individual before the antivirus software completes its scanning process. Hence, it is essential to have a good quality antivirus which can ensure proper safety of the system.

Online Frauds

3. Strong Passwords

It is effortless to crack passwords for fraudsters, so it is essential to have strong passwords so that individuals can keep their private information and data safe. So, it is necessary to have a strong password which is difficult to crack. This ensures that personal and private information stays safe and secure. It is often advised by cybersecurity experts to have a long password with numerical and special characters. This makes the password secure and difficult to crack and ensures proper safety and security of private data and information. Hence, having a strong password is very important.

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4. Two-step authentication

Individuals must activate a two-step authentication process so that they get a one-time password every time they log in. The two-step authentication process ensures that individuals are aware if someone tries to access their account, and they can report it as soon as possible. It is advised by all cybersecurity and safety experts that people should enable two-step authentication on their accounts so that no one can access their accounts without the verification code and it is also advised that no official ever asks for the one time password so it must not be shared. Hence, it is vital to have active two-step verification.


5. Use Public Wireless Connections Safely

Everyone should use free wireless connections with high precautions. Once a device is connected to a common wireless connection, it becomes easy for the other devices to hack and gain access to private data and information. Also, using public wireless connections for shopping and banking can be very dangerous. Hence, we recommend to not use open wireless connections for any other purpose than browsing as it can lead to loss of private data and personal information.

6. Be Aware Of Spam Emails And Messages

Individuals need to be aware of spam emails and messages. In cybercrime spam messages and emails have significant involvement. Most cybersecurity and safety experts advise blocking spam messages and emails as they can cause loss of personal data and private information as the hacker can quickly get access to the devices and data of an individual. Hence, it is essential to block and report all spam messages and emails.

7. Have Updated Software

It is vital to have updated software instead of older versions. The older versions have weaker firewall security while the upgraded software has a better, more stable, reliant and efficient security-system. Most cybersecurity and safety experts advise having an up to date version of the software they are using as this would help them to reduce the chances of hackers breaking in their devices. Having an upgraded version of the software is as essential as having an antivirus. Hence, we advise using up to date software versions to ensure efficiency and more security on their devices.

Online Frauds


There are various types of cyber frauds, and individuals need to stay safe from them. An individual must remain aware of these crimes. He must follow specific rules and guidelines to ensure the safety of their private data and personal information. It is essential to have an antivirus, updated software, report spam mails and messages. One should beware of privacy settings and two-step authentication, strong passwords and use free wireless connections safely. Individuals must maintain proper privacy settings to avoid attracting fraudsters. It is necessary to be aware of such frauds and report any suspicious activities to the cybercrime branch immediately.

Individuals must attend cyber safety seminars so that they can prevent such frauds. It is essential to practice safety rather than being a victim of cybercrime. Hence, people should follow the safety steps to take the necessary precautions.


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