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Ajey Nagar is a 20 year old Youtube personality, comedian, singer and songwriter who runs the famous Youtube channel Carry Minati. Nagar is one of the most known faces in the Youtube community from India, is the 76th most subscribed Youtuber in the country.

In this article, you will learn about CarryMinati income, earnings, salary, early life and other information.


CarryMinati Life


Ajey Nagar was born on 12th June 1999 to in Faridabad in the state of Haryana in India. He went to Delhi Public School to do his schooling but dropped out in 12th standard to work on his Youtube channel full time. He pursued his 12th standard classes via distance learning and completed it.

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Nagar has been making videos since he was eight years old and he started his Youtube career when he started uploading videos of his football skills on Youtube, but sadly that didn’t work out too well. He then started a channel named AddictedA1 where he used to roast famous Youtubers and upload those roast videos. He also uploaded game play videos in which he often used to do voice-overs in the voice of Indian actor Sunny Deol.

carryminati income

His friend advised him to change his channel’s name to CarryDeol, which he changed to CarryMinati later. His first breakthrough popular video was a roast of Indian youtuber Bhuvan Bam of BB Ki Vines. According to Nagar, his parents were very supportive of him when he opened his channel and they are happy for him.

He also released a diss track of the most popular Youtuber Felix Kjellberg aka Pewdiepie on his channel in response to Pewdiepie’s diss track against T-Series and got a huge boost in subscribers and popularity as the video went viral. 

He has said that he works for days on his script and takes lots of ideas from his viewers for his videos. CarryMinati’s roasting and humor in his videos is what brings him a ton of subscribers and followers. He mostly roasts what he feels are cringe worthy videos from Facebook, TikTok and Youtube. He records his videos in Hindi as he is proud of his heritage and culture.



CarryMinati Income


CarryMinati income comes from his Youtube channel of the same name. As of writing this article, CarryMinati channel has 7.84 million subscribers. He has the 706th most subscribers amongst all the Youtube channels, according to Social Blade. He also has close to 730 million views on his videos, which makes his channel the 3955th most viewed channel.

carryminati net worth

Social Blade estimates CarryMinati earnings from Youtube to be anywhere between 8 thousand dollars to 130 thousand dollars per year and CarryMinati income to be between 97 thousand dollars to 1.6 million dollars per year. These values can’t be known for sure as Youtube pricings for different ads are different based on the country of the Youtuber along with the country from which a video is being viewed.

CarryMinati income has other sources too. CarryMinati does many brand endorsement and tie ups for his videos from which he gets a substantial amount of money. He has also been roped in for many promotional videos by films, including big ones like Mission Impossible: Fallout.


CarryMinati does live streams on Youtube from which he earns money as well in the form of donations from those stream watchers via Youtube itself or PayTM. This is not included in the Social Blade calculation of CarryMinati income from Youtube.

CarryMinati net worth is about Rs. 2 crores.

CarryMinati House and Cars


CarryMinati house includes his family home in Faridabad, India. Not much is known about the details of the house but we will post about it as soon as we know more.  

carryminati earnings

CarryMinati cars include two Toyota Fortuners worth Rs. 30 lakhs each which he has featured in his videos. Nagar is known to be very passionate about cars.

We will update this article with more information as soon as we get to know anything about it.



CarryMinati is an inspiration for people who want to think outside of the regular age old process of pursuing education and then do a corporate or governmental job. Dropping out of school is very common in the west, but is looked down upon in a country like India, where educational qualification adds to the stature of a person. Someone popular like Nagar doing it with destigmatize this and lead to more kids pursuing things other than education against their will. 

carryminati salary

CarryMinati has won a lot of accolades for his work. He was awards 20 Young achievers under 20 by Sutra HR and in May 2019, TIME Magazine listed him as one of the Top 10 Next Generation leaders of the world along with the likes of Greta Thunberg.

Ajey Nagar has said that he wants to go all out in E-gaming space now and wants to make E-sports popular and change the perception about it in India. We wish him a lot of luck with his work.






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