Can A Higher Investment Return Compensate Low Income?


It is intimidating for people usually begin their careers with low income. Gaining higher investment returns enables them to get rich. Every person has financial goals in life. You can do this by investing money in some way or the other. The investment decision (where, when, and how to invest) depends on our understanding.  

Low Income

Even if we invest rupees five hundred per month, it will be an excellent start to the investment procedure. The rules of investment are the same, even for the basic investment of rupees five hundred or five lakhs. Assuming that we cannot invest with low income will hinder us from making investments. It is equally harmful to think of taking risks to compensate for your less income. Choose the ones that are suitable for your needs.

How To Invest With Higher Returns?

People with low incomes can also invest a small part of their income in the investments. Passive investment is the best type of investing for people with low income. Passive investments generate returns after investing in them. Examples of passive income are dividend-paying stocks and real estate. It is not always possible to gain higher returns always. People might incur losses as well. Investing in a business can bring higher returns if done smartly and carefully. People call the investment done with time and effort put together as an active investment.

High return

It is always ideal to invest in both active and passive investments in your portfolio. When you have a very less amount of money you should in a side business, that takes less effort and money.

Where To Invest In For Higher Investment Returns?

  1. Stocks:
The historical average of the returns on the stock is nearly seven per cent per annum. It generates passive income. There are a lot of options to invest in stocks like the ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds), dividend stocks, and individual stocks. Buying dividend stocks can give you higher investment returns with lesser investment. The income an investor earned from this passive income can act as compensation for low income.

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Mutual funds bonds are the ones that you put your investments into.

Dividends can generate a passive income of around five per cent on average. It is, however, important to invest in good dividend stocks. The dividends can make your money work for you. Individual bonds with good returns come with high risk or need you to hold them for a more extended period.

2. Real Estate:

The historical average of the returns on the real estate are about ten per cent per annum. It needs high investment in the beginning but generates higher investment returns. Real estate bonds are ideal to invest when there is no much capital. People with low income need to invest in real- estate with less leverage (loans). Saving a small part of income and buying the property suitable for your income can lead to higher investment returns.

Real estate

Real estate is a good idea to gain higher investment returns because you can let the house to rent. You can give the land or house in the lease to the company or people. For example: When u buy a house and rent it to three people and earn money. Real estate investments can thus generate income by investing once. There are a lot of tax benefits while investing in it.

3. Small Scale Business:

Examples like starting a youtube channel, part-time business like cooking, podcasts, etc. involve a small investment and give higher returns. Investing in one’s skills is always the best kind of investment. Investing in skills will provide an edge over the related businesses. People can grow rich by owning a business.

The Ambani’s first started a small scale business and expanded it considerably. The small risk-free business investments are the stepping stones of bigger firms. When you run the small scale businesses with smartness, they can slowly turn into more significant investments with higher returns. Business can make you turn it into full-time work if u do it smartly.

Small scale business

The better the business idea, the better the investment return.

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4. Foreign Exchange:

It is also called as the forex. The traders of foreign exchange can get hold to more profits. It has greater volatility, and traders do the trading by taking leverage. Hence, it an option that gives higher investment returns. The investment done is very low. It is ideal for short term investment.

5. Recurring Deposits:

These are an ideal way to gain higher investment returns. Any person can open RD with a minimum amount of money. You can invest a small part of your savings and earn profits. They are the easiest and complete risk-free investments. The interest rate is given on the deposit also depends on the interest rate at the time of investment. It is completely resistant to the volatile market.

Rich or poor?

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the personal finance book, “Rich dad, poor dad”, says that having a job is not wealth. According to him, there are four assets which are essential to have in your portfolio are :

  • Business
  • Real-estate
  • Stocks, bonds, mutual funds
  • Commodities (The four metals)
  • His ideas on getting rich also focus on the above-discussed investments. There are several millionaires who turned wealthy using these investments.


When invested smartly, people with low income can compensate for it with higher investment returns. The income we earn might not help us achieve financial goals. Making thoughtful investments can always improve one’s standard of living. Why have low income and accept it as fate? Make investments and earn more. Higher return investments easily compensate for low income. Money is not everything in life; hence, do not worry about finance and live every moment of your life without getting stressed.



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