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Arun Jaitley is an Indian politician and an advocate with practising experience in the highest courts of India. He is a very senior leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the ruling party in India. He is the current Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs under the Narendra Modi led government.

arun jaitley earnings

Mr Jaitley has been involved in politics for a long time and during his time in the parliament under both Vajpayee and Modi government, he has held many important cabinet portfolios like Defence, Corporate Affairs, Commerce and Industry, Information and Broadcasting, Law and Justice and he was also the leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha.

In this article, we will discuss Arun Jaitley earnings, his 20come and his assets.

Arun Jaitley Early Life

As said before, Jaitley has a long history with politics. He was a student leader of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) during his Delhi University days. Mr Jaitley became the President of the Youth Wing of BJP within months of joining the party in the eighties.


Arun Jaitley Income

He wanted to become a CA but couldn’t do so as he felt the exams were too difficult so he took up the legal profession. Jaitley has been practising law in Supreme Courts and many other High Courts of the country.

He was a delegate to the United Nations General Assembly on behalf of Government of India. He has also represented multinational corporations like PepsiCo and Coca Cola in court cases all across India.

Arun Jaitley tied the knot with Sangeeta Jaitley, daughter of former Kashmir Finance Minister Girdhari Lal Dogra, in the year 1982.

arun jaitley earnings

Arun Jaitley Earnings And Networth

Jaitley last declared his assets and liabilities in 2014 before the elections which is where the data of Arun Jaitley earnings is collected from. Here are the different things which make up his net worth.

Jaitley and his spouse have Rs. 18 crores in deposits in Banks, Financial Institutions and Non-banking financial companies which includes Rs. 1.7 crores in bank accounts and Rs. 17 crores in a deposit to two companies.

They also have Rs. 1.42 crores cash in hand, Rs. 2 crores in bonds and mutual funds and Rs. 22 lakhs in Public Provident Funds. Arun Jaitley income also includes jewellery that he and his wife own which includes gold jewellery of over 6 kgs worth over Rs. 1.5 crores, 19 kilos of silver jewellery worth Rs. 9 lakhs, and diamond jewellery of Rs. 46 lakhs.

Arun Jaitley Financial Minister

Jaitley also owns 3600 square feet of non-agricultural land in Faridabad, Haryana which is worth Rs. 90 lakhs. Arun Jaitley income also includes the MP salary of Rs. 1 lakh per month that every Member of Parliament gets along with different benefits.

Arun Jaitley earnings are a lot and not just this but he also owns a lot of houses and cars which we detail below.


arun jaitley wife

Arun Jaitley House and Cars

Arun Jaitley has invested heavily in real estate and owns a large number of houses in both his and his wife’s name. Here is a list of Arun Jaitley houses:

(i) They share a residential building of 4500 sq feet area in Kailash Colony, New Delhi, with Jaitley owning 1/3rd of the property and his wife owning 2/3rd of the property which is worth a combined Rs. 24 crores.

(ii) The Jaitleys share another 9000 square feet area property in Kailash Colony, which is worth Rs. 10 crores.

Arun Jaitley House

(iii) They share a residential apartment of 8550 sq feet area in DLF Golf Links, Gurgaon between themselves equally which is worth Rs. 12 crores. 

(iv) The couple also shares a 2350 square feet area residence in Todar Mal Road, New Delhi equally between themselves which is worth Rs. 16 crores.

(v) Arun Jaitley owns a 1/4th share in a residential building spanning 14240 sq feet in area in Gandhinagar, Gujarat which is worth Rs. 80 lakhs.

Arun Jaitley cars are a lot in number. He has five cars of different brands and price ranges which shows his exquisite taste in his rides. Mr Jaitley clearly is a car aficionado and loves to buy luxury cars. His collection of cars includes:

Arun Jaitley Cars

(i) Mercedes DL 3CCM-6666 made in 2012 which costs Rs. 78 lakhs.

(ii) BMW DL-ICL-6666 made in 2012 which costs Rs. 85 lakhs. 

(iii) Honda Accord DL-ICM 6666 made in 2009 which costs Rs. 20 lakhs. 

(iv) Porsche DL-9CW 6660 made in 2008 which costs Rs. 1.02 crores. 

(v) Toyota Fortuner DL-10CA 6666 made in 2011 which costs Rs. 25 lakhs. 

All of these above assets make up Arun Jaitley earnings of over Rs. 113 crores.



Jaitley has been diagnosed with illnesses in the recent past. On May 2018, he was operated upon for kidney complications at AIIMS. On January 2019 Jaitley was diagnosed with a rare form of soft tissue sarcoma and he will seek treatment in New York.

The tumour was detected in its early stages and he needed just surgery and no chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Arun Jaitley was the Lok Sabha candidate for BJP in 2014 from the Amritsar constituency but he lost to Congress Party’s Amarinder Singh. He was re-elected to the Parliament as a member of the Rajya Sabha from Uttar Pradesh in March 2018.

Arun Jaitley is one of the most openly advocating leaders on LGBTQ+ issues in the country.




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